Bambooloo® NAT Mask 3+1 Layer Reusable Face Mask SUSTAINABLE l SAFE l STYLISH

Made with a hybrid of bio-degradable materials to protect you and the planet without compromising on style and comfort.


100% Natural Fibre Mask

The Golden Trio - Bamboo + Silk + Cotton



1. Large: 266mm (W) x150mm (H), recommended for adult men

2. Medium : 210mm (W) x130(mm), recommended for adult women

3. Small : 200mm (W) x 120mm (H), recommended for children 5+



1. Large: Dark Grey, Camo Green, Stone Grey & Bright White

2. Medium: Dark Grey, Camo Green, Stone Grey & Bright White

3. Small: Stone Grey



1. Additional removable layer (3+1 Layers):

- Outer Layer: 100% Cotton -> Durable & ideal for mechanical filtering - Middle Layer: 100% Silk -> Great for electrostatic filtering

- Removable Layer: 100% Bamboo Fabric -> Provide option for extra filtration

- Inner Layer: 100% Bamboo Fabric -> Soft, Comfortable & Breathable


2. Curvy Contour & No Gap Fit

- The curvy contour and copper band ensure a snug fit and maximum efficiency. Plus, no more foggy glasses for us.


3. Elastic Band & Adjustable Silicone Rings

- NAT Mask uses skin sensitive elastic bands to eliminate discomfort and adjustable silicone rings that make sure the mask always fits you the way you want.


4. NAT Mask is tested by Bureau Veritas (BV), a trusted testing center under the standard of ASTM F2100-2019:

- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) > 95% (95% effectiveness against airborne bacteria and viruses)

- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (PFE) > 95% (95% effectiveness against airborne particle, dust, microplastic, mites, pollen)


Caring for the NAT MASK:

It is made of a powerhouse of natural fibers that would last you more than a 100 washes as tested by Bureau Veritas (BV).


To ensure the longevity of the mask, take note of the following guidelines.

- Gentle hand wash the mask with cold water and soap and leave to line dry.

- Iron, if desired, on low heat on the outer layer only.

- Wash mask prior to using and after every use.

- Do not machine wash, dry clean or use fabric softener.


Ships with zero plastic packaging

0% Plastic with 100% Love


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