Beeswax Wrap Set of 2 天然蜂蜡布


Natural Beeswax Wrap is use to replace commercial cling wrap. Suitable to use for wrapping food such as fruits, vegetables, sandwiches. You can also use them to cover cup and bowl for food storage purpose. It is safe to use, reusable and washable. Not recommended for hot food or meat.


Ingredient : Natural Refined Beeswax (USA), Pine Rosin, Jojoba Oil Fabric : Cotton Size : 25cm x 25cm (Blossom or Rhombus) & 32cm x 32cm (White)


*Handmade in Malaysia by Papago Kaiwen


To use:

1. Wrap half cut fruits to save for later

2. Cover cup or bowl for food storage

3. Fold into a box to hold snacks or fruits

4. Fold into a pocket to store snack

5. Wrap bread or sandwich in your packed lunch.

6. Wrap around a soap bar while travelling

7. Fold into a cup to drink water while travelling

8. Many more… use your creativity 😊


Tips: Warm your plan to fold or wrap the beeswax wrap into your desired shape.


To care:

- Rinse with cold water & wash with mild dish soap.

- Hang dry for next usage.

- Avoid using hot water.


Do note that product is 100% handmade by local maker, please excuse for minor flaw.




成分: 蜂蜡(美国),松脂,荷荷巴油

材料:棉布 尺寸: 25cm x 25cm (花布)& 32cm x 32cm (白色)



1. 用温手掌将蜂蜡布包裹切了一半的水果

2. 用蜂蜡布盖在杯子或碗当食物保鲜用途

3. 将蜂蜡布折成盒子装食物

4. 将蜂蜡布折成袋子装零食

5. 用蜂蜡布包裹面包或三文治

6. 在旅行时用蜂蜡布包手工肥皂

7. 将蜂蜡布折成纸杯装水喝

8. 发挥你的想象力 😊



- 用冷水冲洗,用一点洗碗剂清洗后晾干

- 避免使用热水

Beeswax Wrap Set of 2

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