Natural Dryer Wool Ball - White



1. Material: 100 % unbleached Wool 

2. Color : Natural White

3. Size : 7cm

4. Dyes and chemical FREE

5. Packaging:

-Single Dryer Ball

-6 Dryer Balls in a Cotton Bag


Why dryer ball?

1. Cost & Energy Saving.

Dryer balls reduce drying time up to 25%, saving you money by using less electricity. Shortened drying times also extend your clothing's lifespan with less wear and tear in the dryer.


2. Eco-Friendly, Great for the Environment.

Reusable dryer balls can be reused up to 1000 loads. Now you can do away with those expensive, single-use dryer sheets and chemical-laden fabric softeners.


3. REDUCES STATIC & Wrinkles.

Dryer balls will leave your laundry soft and fluffy, while naturally minimizing static cling and wrinkles, use after use.


Direction / Recommendation :

1. Small / Medium Load (i.e. Daily wash etc) : 3-4 balls

2. Large Load (Comforters, Blanket, Towel etc) : 5-6 balls


Tips :

1. These dryer balls are naturally fragrance-free. If you enjoy the smell of scented laundry, apply a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto each dryer ball.

2. Let the oil dry in the ball for about an hour before use (or quick-dry in dryer) before tossing them in with your laundry.

Dryer Wool Ball

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