Handmade Face Mask made from cotton fabric

Washable and Reusable

Similar to surgical mask design with folded layers

Come with a filter pocket


手工布口罩 可重复使用并附放滤材口袋




Available in 2 sizes:

1) Adult (18.5 cm x 9.5 cm)

2) Kid (15.5 cm x 9 cm)


Similar to surgical mask design, folded layers of breathable cotton cloth


Cleaning Directions:

Wash with hand ONLY with minimum soap smell

Separate Wash light color and dark color


*Price for 1 piece of Fabric Face Mask.


Remark 備註

1. Small-scale production. Limited Stock. 小量車縫製作,款式限量

2. All cloth pads are hand sewn articles. Every flaw guarantees its uniqueness. 由於非機械製版大量生産,親手車縫難免有小瑕疵,感謝支持有溫度的手作。


User Guide:

✓ 當你買不到外科式口罩(surgical mask)時,可考慮使用布口罩做為替代選擇,用作部分防護的效果。

Since surgical masks are running short recently, you may consider wearing cloth face masks as an alternative option for partial protection.


✓ 布口罩不是醫療口罩。在一般空氣流通與空曠的地方,佩戴布口罩是無妨的。

Cloth masks are not surgical masks. They can be worn in open areas and places with good air circulation.


✓ 若你身處高危的空間(例如:醫院)或不通風的地方,依然必須佩戴外科式口罩。

However if you are in high-risk areas (ie. hospitals) or places with low air circulation, you are encouraged to wear surgical masks.


✓ 布口罩可以防大型顆粒防塵防飛沫,但對病毒的預防效果仍然是有限的。

Cloth masks can prevent large particles, dust or droplets, but the effect of virus protection is limited.


✓ 使用布口罩時,若發現外層或內層因為汗水、唾液或熱氣而潮濕了,就必須替換。布口罩要勤力清洗維持衛生。

Cloth masks must be replaced if the outer or inner layer becomes wet due to sweat, saliva or respiratory secretion when in use. Cloth masks should be cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene.


✓ 由於布質輕薄柔軟,請勿使用刷子清洗布口罩。可以進行熨燙讓口罩更為平整。

Avoid brushing too hard when you clean, as the materials used are light and soft. You may iron to flatten the mask.

Handmade Face Mask - Filter Pocket

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