The Mooncup is a soft, colourless and medical grade silicone menstrual cup. It can be reused for every period cycle.


The Mooncup is made from hypoallergenic silicone and holds three times as much as tampon. It is ideal for travelling, swimming, exercise and overnight use.



The Mooncup is folded and inserted into the vagina and opens up once it's inside. You will need to remove the filled Mooncup to rinse out and reinsert every 8 hours in your period cycle. Correctly inserted the Mooncup is so comfortable that you can't fell it's there.




Size A: Recommended for those who are 30 and over, and all who have given birth vaginally regardless of age.

Size B: Recommended for those under age of 30 who have not given birth vaginally.

Mooncup Menstrual Cup

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