These beautiful coasters are made out of disposed plastics that were recovered from waterways, rivers and beaches around Malaysia. FUZE ECOTEER have been actively conducting river clean ups to pick up, clean out and melt down these plastic trash into useful coasters.


Plastic types and colors are separated and melted down using the Precious Plastic Recycling Machine. The machines use type 2 and 5 plastic which are things like straws, plastic bottle lids, most shampoo bottles and many food grade plastics used for cups and food containers.


The machine shreds, melts and then injects the melted plastic into a mould, making these lovely coasters. So it turns out with a variety of colours depending on the plastic collected.


No two coasters are the same and every piece is unique by its own. All proceeds go back to FUZE ECOTEER to support their conservation efforts such as coral restoration in their Perhentian Marine Research Station & cleans up projects around Malaysia.


Different colors will be randomly ship out or you can chat with us to choose for your preferable colour :)


Giving plastic a second life so they don't end up in polluting our environment!

Recycled Plastic Coaster Set of 4

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