- Inner layer is made from 100% organic cotton

- Eco-friendly

- Excellent Permeability

- Re-washable

- Reduce Allergic

- Reusable



- 内层 100% 纯棉布制作

- 无害于环境

- 渗透性好

- 可重复清洗和使用

- 减少对皮肤的敏感


Managing your cycle with odourless, cost effective and eco-friendly period care.


Treat them gently and they will be with you for the next 5 years or more. 温柔的对待它,它可以陪伴你长达五年或更久


*Kindly contact us if you like to choose your design as each of the cloth pads come with unique design of printed cotton fabric.

*Price shown is for one piece of cloth pad.

Reusable Cotton Cloth Pad

  • The colour of the product you have seen might have slightly different on the actual product that you will receive due to the lighting, camera device or display device. Measurement might have slightly 0 - 1cm differences.