The Suci Cup is a proudly Malaysian brand of menstrual cups founded by Malaysian ladies.


- FDA-registered
- Made in an FDA-observed and ISO 13485 certified facility in the USA
- Made out of biocompatible, anti-microbial, 100% medical grade silicone
- Soft but adequately firm. Flexible and moldable to a woman’s shape
- Colourless, odourless
- Able to maintain the natural pH of the vagina as it does not soak vaginal fluid and flora


*The cup can hold up to 25ml or 40ml of blood. If used correctly, ensuring an airtight seal within the vaginal canal, there will be no leakage or discomfort. 


- Is soft and flexible for comfortable insertion. 
- Has a smooth rim and exterior for a cant-even-feel-it fit.
- Has air holes to ensure an airtight seal.
- Has a short stem for an all-in, comfortable experience.  
- Is easy to clean 
- Is safe, convenient and sustainable. 


*Suci Cups are made of 100% medical grade silicone, Class VI which is non-reactive, flexible and water- and temperature-resistant, making it a stable and safe material. This is the same class of materials used to make baby bottle nipples, scuba mouthpieces, catheters and many others.  


1. Size A
- Pre-Childbirth
- Height: 58mm, Diameter: 42mm
- Capacity: 25ml


2. Size B
- Post-Childbirth
- Height: 68mm, Diameter: 45mm
- Capacity: 40ml
- Recommended if you fit the following criteria:
*already a menstrual cup user 
*want the ability to keep the cup in for longer between emptying
*have heavy flow 
*have a vaginal canal length within 61mm


Kindly refer to the following instructional video to understand how to prepare suci cup at the start of cycle, how to insert, remove, clean and store if you are new to menstrual cup.




With Suci Cup, a reusable menstrual cup which can be used for up to 10 years, you send only 1 silicone menstrual cup to the landfill, instead of 1440 disposable pads to the landfills.


Feel free to chat with us if you have any doubts in starting your first menstrual cup :)

Suci Menstrual Cup

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