Chew N' Brush Solid Toothpaste - Minty Fresh (NOT200705356K)

- Made in Malaysia -

- Certified by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) -


Shelf life: 12 months

Active Ingredients: Kaolin clay, Calcium carbonate, * Stevia left extract, *Peppermint leaf extract, Titanium dioxide, Guar gum, *Peppermint oil, *Spearmint oil * Organic Certified Ingredients


Product Descriptions:

- Minty Fresh

- Vegan

- Cruelty free

- Friendly ingredients

- No SLS

- No Fluoride

- No Triclosan

- No Sodium Bicarbonate

- No Artificial Sweeteners


Product Packaging:

- Refill option or glass jar bottle

- One glass jar consist of 25g, approximately 100 tablets

- Glass jar is returnable to entitle RM 1 off for the next purchase.


* Contact us at our social media to arrange for glass jar collection.

* Refillable loose option will be packed in reused container or paper bag depending on the quantities purchased.

Vegan Solid Toothpaste Chew N' Brush

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