Personal Care Set A:

1. Bamboo Toothbrush x 2

2. Solid Toothpaste x1

3. Bamboo Fleece Facial Round x1

4. Cold Process Soap Bar x1

5. Bamboo Soap Tray x1


The set is ideal for new user to start off with plastic-free personal care items.


You may choose one of the flavor of toothpaste and soap bar from the following choices.


Solid Toothpaste:

1. Mint

2. Charcoal


Cold Process Soap Bar:

1. Castile Milk Unscented for sensitive skin

2. Papaya Skin Whitening Soap for normal skin

3. Avocado Moisturizing Soap for normal skin

4. Shea Butter Soap for dry skin

5. Candle Bush Antibacterial Soap for sensitive skin

6. Basil Antibacterial Soap for combination skin

Zero Waste Personal Care Set A

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